Innovation distinguishes a leader from a follower  The main capital of the 21st century: ideas, innovations and technology. Facebook, Twitter, Tesla and the cryptocurrency market all have one thing in common - they are based on a good, innovative idea that has been properly implemented and that gave these companies lightning-fast growth. In 2010, the market capitalization of BitCoin was $0.00, today its market capitalization is over $30 billion, more than 700 altcoins. With BitCoin you can make purchases in stores, and exchange them in banks. The company's main idea is to search for innovative technologies and invest into them. "If you want to have something that others do not have, you have to do what others cannot.". Innovation is the core of our company. We use it in the form of new technologies, new products and services. We use the best practices in management, production and labor. Our strategy is, to see what others do not see and use it for the benefit of the company.


We have been working in the cryptocurrency market since 2015, with an international operating license in 191 countries. We are gradually increasing our capacities; having started with a small mining farm, we have switched to specialized equipment and taken a leading position in the field of mining. At the moment we are also engaged in trading on cryptocurrencies exchange markets, and investing in startups. We keep up with the times and are constantly developing new areas of work that will allow you to gain maximum profit with minimum risk. Now we are working in 3 areas, but before the end of 2019, we plan to launch 2 more public projects. If you want to change in the future — become this change right now.


Our most profitable habit is the constant analysis and monitoring of everything that happens in the world of investments, particularly in the field of cryptocurrency. To move forward consistently and progressively, you need to adjust your steps constantly, and you need to know where you are at the moment. We collect and formalize statistics from all over the world, keep our finger on the pulse of technology, carry out a comprehensive analysis, and make forecasts and decisions.


In 2016, we created a subsidiary company Bestia Trade Corporation in the United States, the country with the largest investment market in the world. This will allow us to work more closely with our American partners, who hold the leading positions in many innovative industries in the world.